Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

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Click to see larger image 10-29-07  With the beautful weather lately, I decided to image Comet 17P/Holmes.  I've been hearing all the chatter in my astronomy club (JSCAS) and throughout the astronomical community and was excited to find some time to observe and image  this exciting event.  We've had 5-6 days of perfect weather and didn't expect a change but about the time of sunset, smoke filled clouds started to move in from Galveston way.  To my surprise, those clouds obscured my view up till around 10:00 pm.  By that time, the comet was high enough to observe and image.  What a beautiful object!!  I have both a "Visual" view image and an "Enhanced" view image.  Click on image to see both versions and details.

Click to view larger image 2005 Mars Opposition.  Click on the image of Mars on the left to see several images made with my 20" Obsession Telescope, Toucam Pro II and Tom Osypowski Aluminum Dual Axis Equatorial Platform.

Click to see larger image 3-21-04 - The last night at Spring trip to Fort McKavett. All by myself with bats flying around my head, I obtain this shot of Jupiter. I tried to process this shot with the goal of how it actually appears visually (less processing) through my scope with excellent seeing conditions. Transparency was 9/10 but the seeing was around 5/10. 20" Obsession @ f/20 with ToUcam Pro II webcam.

Click to see larger image 3-20-04 - Animation of Jupiter, Ganymede, and Europa. Animation has 39 frames, each frame consisting of over 400 frames aligned, processed, and stacked with Registax. Seeing started out good (around 6-7/10). As night progressed, seeing decreased and wind increased as illustrated in animation. 20" Obsession @ f/10 with ToUcam webcam.

Click to see larger image 3-19-04 Saturn taken at 2004 spring trip to Fort McKavett. 20"Obsession @ f/10, ToUcam Pro II webcam, seeing 6/10.

Click to see larger image 3-6-04 - Wow!!! It's amazing how much detail can be seen when the seeing gets better. This is an f/20 shot using the ToUcam pro II with 20" Obsession. 475 out of 535 frames processed with Registax2. Considered the "boring" side of Jupiter, this was anything but boring last night. Seeing was 7/10, Transparency was 5/10.

Click to see larger image 3-6-04 - Jupiter and Io at f/10. I finally got some clear weather to shoot in. Seeing was good (7/10) but shooting through a persistant cloud (transparency 5/10) that just seem to hang over my house was challenging. Also, the full moon was about 7.8 degrees from Jupiter. I began to see what the ToUcam Pro II and my 20" Obsession combination could really do. Cloud knots, white ovals and blue festoons galore! Just unbelievable!!! I used all 792 frames stacked with Registax2.

Click to see larger image 1-19-04 - This is probably the highest resolution of Saturn to date for me. This was on a night that the seeing was about 6/10. Taken at f/20 with 20" Obsession with surveillance camera recordered to Sony Digital Camcorder then converted to AVI file to be processed in Registax 2


Images Copyright 1999-2010 by Glenn Schaeffer