Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

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Witches Broom Nebula
10-08-10  This object, NGC 6960 The Witch's Broom Nebula,  was a first in several aspects.  First offical image with my new homemade astrograph, first true LRGB image to be processed, and first image obtain with my new QSI583wsg monochrome camera.   The scope was 7 years in the making from grinding, polishing, and figuring the mirror to several iterations of scope designs.  I finally decided build my own carbon fiber tube for strength and stability.  Click on image to see larger version and details.

Click for Larger Image 10-16-09  One of the most challenging objects visually, NGC 7635, otherwise known as the bubble nebula is a stunning object.  During my fall trip to the fort, I was hampered by wind, flexure, and dew during most of the trip.  Even with nature and equipment issues, it was a wonderful trip with friends and great food!

Click to see larger image 10-12-07  Imaged on my fall trip to Fort McKavett,  M27 otherwise known as The Dumbbell Nebula, was a complete surprise!  Like the spring trip, we were rewarded by clear skies most of the time,  but the wind was a killer for imaging.  Knowing how bad the wind was I just starting taking exposures of only 20 secs due to wind gusts upwards to 10-15 mph.  Out of 60+ subframes, I actually found that 8  were half way stackable.  Due to the short exposure time & lack of confidence that anything would turn out, no dark frames were taken.  Low and behold, I was able to  process something presentable.   Click on image to see larger version and details.

Click to see larger image 03-16-07  My spring trip to Fort McKavett was an especially interesting this time around.  Two words,."New Camper!!".  The most important factor was that the telescope fit in the camper's storage.    Even though we had great weather every night (up to about midnight), I was able to image only one night out of four due to wind.  This was my first image of B-33, otherwise know as the Horsehead Nebula.  Actually, I was more impressed with the blue reflection nebula NGC 2023.

Click to see Larger Image 10-20-06 My semi-annual trip to Fort McKavett was enjoyable as always.  Due to 5-10 mph winds buffering  my scope, I was able to keep only 20 out of 55 shots of  NGC 7293, better known as the Helix Nebula.  Not too much to look at in my scope, but photographically, very stunning. 

Click to see Larger Image 9-20-06 Wiped the dust off my telescope, camera, and all the other "stuff" to do some imaging since it's been forever since I've seen some sustainable clear weather here and got a shot of one of my favorite objects...The Swan Nebula (M17).  Don't forget to check out the core of this beauty!

Click to see Larger Image 1-30-06 2nd Light with my new Canon 20D Capturing The Great Nebula in Orion.

Click to see Larger image 1-29-06 It never fails.  Get a new astronomy toy and the clouds move in for a week.  Finally, some clear skies for about an 2 hours tonight!  I finally got to do some imaging tonight with my new Canon 20D hooked to my 20" Obsession scope.  After getting aligned and my autoguide a'guiding I started testing my new setup.  I shot some quick 30 sec shots of m42 & m43(of course) for my first light.  After about 10 shots or so the clouds moved in.  Anyway, I started processing some of the images and noticed something strange....even spooky.  Some of the experienced astroimagers probably have seen this before but it was new to me.  I zoomed in on the Trapezium region and noticed what appeared to be a man embedded to the right of the Trapezium with his back to me looking over his left shoulder into the sky!  And... I think he's necked!!!!  I know ya'll think I've lost it but look for yourself!  I'm calling this the "Necked Man Nebula"


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