Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

M27-The Dumbbell Nebula



The Dumbbell Nebula, also known as M27, is located inside the constellation Vulpecula.  It is approximately 1,250 light years from Earth.  This object is known as a planetary nebulae which is formed during the dying stages of a star when the core fusion reactions decline to the extent that the star's structure cannot be supported and gravity forces the outer part of the star to collapse inwards causing the inner part to condense and heat up.  The intense build up of pressure causes the outer shell to explode and be driven away.

Photographic Details:

Date & Location: October 12th, 2007, Fort Mckavett, Texas.
Scope: Obsession 20” f/5 on a Tom Osypowski Dual Axis Equatorial Platform, Orion 100mm f/6 Guidescope.
Autoguider: SC1 Mod Celestron Neximage Cam, Shoestring GPUSB guide port interface adapter, and Guidemaster software
Camera: Canon 20D DSLR (non-modded), homemade serial control shutter release cable and DSLR shutter from Stark Labs.
Filters: None
Conditions: Temp 57F, Humidity 24%, Winds 10-15, Transparency 9/10, Seeing 7/10.
Exposures: 8 x 20sec @ 3200 ISO Sub Frames, NO Darks.
Post-processing: 3504x2336 Raw files converted to Lossless 16-bit FITS, calibrated, aligned, and combined with ImagePlus software. Final processing PhotoImpact Pro.


Images Copyright 1999-2010 by Glenn Schaeffer