Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

Astronomy Related Sites
Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society
Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society (JSCAS) - The club that started it all!  I attended my first Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society meeting in December of 1997 in hopes to re-spark a childhood passion of mine.  It was made clear in the begining that in order to join this club you only had to show up.  No dues, no by laws, just have a passion for astronomy.  Seems to work since this club has been around since May 29th, 1967.

Other Astrophotographer's Websites
Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography Page - I would have to call him "The Father of Astrophotography CCD Imaging".  He's been on the cutting edge of amature CCD imaging and has been an inspirational mentor for me throughout my experience with imaging and processing.
Randy Brewer's Astronomy Web -
It's amazing what this guy can do!  A close personal friend, and a highly respected imager in the astrophotographer community.
Ed Grafton's CCD Astro-imaging Page - When I began imaging with my scope, planets were my first targets.  Ed Grafton guiding me in the art of planet imaging and processing.  His images are some of the finest planet images on earth.  They rival images made with the Hubble Space Telescope.
Dick Miller's CCD Images and The Arp Peculiar Galaxies Imaged by Dick Miller - Another member of our club. Dick Miller's has created the best Arp Image collection on the net...Period!   Check it out.

Equipment Links

Obsession Telescopes - Finest dobsonian scopes around.
Aluminum Equatorial Platforms -Tom Osypowski builds an equatorial platform that exceeds all others.
Orion 100mm f/6 refractor -
My guide scope.  Nice refractor for the price.
Orion Starshoot Autoguider - Best bang for your buck as far as autoguiders go.
Modified Canon XS DSLR - Gary Honis's step by step instructions for removal of IR filter.
PHD Guiding Software - A one click way to autoguide your scope.
GSO Crayford Dual Speed Focuser -  Super upgrade for your Orion refractor scopes.
Image Plus 3.75 - One of the best DSLR imaging processing programs.
IDAS LPR Filters - Great filter to use to help cancel the light polution when imaging at my home.
MegaStar Sky Atlas - A valuable tool for someone like myself that star hops to everything.
Nagler Eyepieces - Simply the best eyepieces made for telescopes.  A must have with big Dobs!
My Personal Weather Station - One of the best tools for monitoring the weather for observing!


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