Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

(Click on images to see larger versions and details)

M51 03-20-2009 M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy has to be one of my favorite galaxies to observe with my 20 inch Obsession telescope. Visually, this is a stunning object in dark skies. You can clearly make out the spiral arms visually along with dust lanes. I've been wanting to photograph this wonderful galaxy but due to it's position in the sky, I've been unsuccessful until now. With clear dark skies and calm wind at the fort this spring, I was able to get the picture I wanted.

NGC3628 03-19-2009 My 2009 spring trip to Fort McKavett was a time of new equipment and great viewing despite the weatherman's forcast.  Even though wind was a limiting factor, as always, I was able to  grab a very interesting galaxy.  NGC 3628 is a dim galaxy visually and photographically.   This was the first object I capture with my newly self-modified Canon XS DSLR.

NGC253 10-23-08 Another Great Trip to Fort McKavett.  By far, this was my best "imaging" trip to the fort to date.  I was able to image 4 objects, the Sculptor Galaxy being my first target.  NGC 253, also known as the Sculptor Galaxy is a bright galaxy that can be observed with just about any scope.  Through larger scopes, detail is well evident with dust lanes and mottled detail abound. 

M104 04-04-08 My spring trip to Fort McKavett was one of the best times I've had!  Not only did I have great friends to visit with, but Friday night was the best imaging sessions I've ever had. This trip I was making an attempt to image galaxies.   M-104, otherwise known as the Sombrero Galaxy, is one of my favorite objects to view through my 20" Obsession.  I've attempted to image this galaxy at my house in Santa Fe Texas but the light polution severly limited my ability to obtain a suitable image for posting.  Combining dark skies and calm winds at the fort, this was a special night to remember.   Click on image to see larger version and details.


Images Copyright 1999-2010 by Glenn Schaeffer