Cosmic Impressions by Glenn Schaeffer

M5 / NGC 5904 - Bright Globular Cluster



M5 happens to be the first Globular Cluster I've imaged. M5 is in the constellation Serpens and is one of the oldest globular clusters in our galaxy. It is approximately 24,000 light years from us and is about 165 light years in diameter. It contains more than 100,000 stars in this cluster.

Photographic Details:

Date & Location: May 20th, 2009, Santa Fe, Texas.
Scope: Obsession 20” f/5 on a Tom Osypowski Dual Axis Equatorial Platform, Orion 100mm f/6 Guidescope.
Autoguider: Orion Starshoot Autoguider and PHD Guider software.
Camera: Canon XS DSLR (self-modified), Canon's own capture software.
Filters: IDAS LPR Filter
Conditions: Temp 68F, Humidity 78%, Winds calm, Transparency 8/10, Seeing 6/10.
Exposures: 47 x 60sec @ 1600 ISO Sub Frames, 19 Darks average combined for master dark.
Post-processing: 3904x2900 Raw files converted to Lossless 16-bit FITS, calibrated, aligned, and combined with ImagePlus 3.75. Final processing Adobe Photoshop CS.


Images Copyright 1999-2010 by Glenn Schaeffer